Cardi B Admits to Post-Pregnancy Plastic Surgery: ‘My Daughter F**ked Me Up’

True to her word, Cardi B has undergone a breast augmentation following the birth of her daughter.

“I just got my boobs redone,” Cardi B told Entertainment Tonight in an exclusive interview published Wednesday. “I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know? [When] your skin is stretched out.”

“Yes, my daughter f**ked me up!” she quipped. “She did, she so did.”

ET was on hand for Cardi B’s latest campaign photo shoot with Fashion Nova. The new collection is set for release on May 8.

The 26-year-old “Please Me” rapper had previously informed fans on several occasions that she intended to undergo a mommy makeover after welcoming her daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, in July.

Last September, Cardi — who had her first breast enhancement surgery at 19 — posted a video to her Instagram page explaining that breastfeeding Kulture has had a toll on her body.

“My [boobies] are already a little low, ya know what I’m saying? Cause I got [them] done when I was 19 and I never wrote a bra, so know what I’m saying?” she said. “When I was pregnant, my [stuff] was looking nice though, real nice. I was like ‘oh [crap]’. Now, dog, Kulture did me filthy.”

Just one month before that, Cardi B spoke of her desire to get liposuction and her breast augmentation redone in an Instagram live broadcast.

“A lot of people think that I got lipo. I really, really didn’t. I’m naturally skinny so I got slim real fast. But my body’s still not where I want it to be. I still got like a lot of love handles right here,” she said. “They’re not much, but I’m used to having a real tight stomach, so it’s like seeing all this extra skin and s**t — where the f**k did you came from? I might just get a little lipo, you know what I’m saying?”

She continued, “I will get my boobs done over. I just don’t know when I’m gonna have the time to do it because I don’t think I got a whole month or three weeks for recovery.”

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Kulture did me bad 😩

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